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Better search engine optimization can be improved by using XML sitemaps to the different large browsers like Google and Bing and use their Webmaster Tools to help analyze and keep up on your websites. The processes used in this video can be applied to Drupal 7.x, or any other site that you would like to add to Bing or Google Webmaster Tools along with Google Analytics. In summary, this video shows how to add your XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools using Drupal 7.x XML Sitemap Module. After making new accounts through the file manager for Google or adding a CName on the DNS for Bing, this Drupal How To tutorial then shows how to verify a site on Bing and Google Webmaster Tools so you can upload the XML Sitemaps. Then this Drupal Tutorial shows how to add a site to Google Analytics by using the Drupal Google Analytics Module.

XML Sitemap Module:

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